Custody & Visitation

Custody & Visitation


I will work with you to establish and implement custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your children, while protecting your rights as a parent. I will prepare your custody and visitation plan to include your decision making in the areas of the medical, educational, religious and other special needs of the children.

I will assist you in setting up open lines of communication with the other parent to communicate consistent and loving messages to your children.

I also handle child support issues.

Among the trustee’s responsibilities are:

Collecting, managing, and investing of trust assets and accumulating and distributing income and principal to the beneficiaries.

Keeping the trust’s assets separate from the assets of any other trust as well as any person’s assets. It is important not to commingle the trust’s assets with other assets.

Dealing impartially with the trust’s assets, which includes not using trust assets for the benefit of the trustee, nor taking any action that will result in a conflict of interest between the trustee and the trust or one of the beneficiaries.

Preserving the trust’s assets. If real estate is a trust asset, this would include properly managing the real estate. For stocks and bonds, the trustee should hire someone to properly manage the accounts, which would include following California’s prudent investor rules for investments.

Filing income tax and estate tax returns.

Keeping adequate records of the trust’s activities, including proper bookkeeping and accounting. This is necessary for the filing of the trust’s income tax returns and properly preparing trust accountings.
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